Monday, March 28, 2005

Press Release- Indoneisa- The Return Visit

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Joe Hurston
Cell: 321-544-7757

Local Businessman heads back to Indonesia to help Tsunami and subsequent earthquake victims. Joe Hurston, president of Air Mobile Ministries (AMM), is a longtime veteran of relief work. AMM is an emergency first responder, has teamed with Cartridge Source of America and Vortex Water Technologies to deliver the Vortex Voyager to worldwide emergencies. Air Mobile Ministries will be delivering 24 life-saving Vortex Voyager Water Purifiers and filtration systems to Aceh Province and the island of Nias, Indonesia. From there, the units will be distributed to areas where fresh and sterile water is needed. The Vortex Voyager can produce 30 gallons of hospital grade clean water per hour and operates on 12V or 110 and 240V ~ 1.6A MAX. 50-60 Hz. 100 - 200VA input power. Each Voyager costs $1,600. A small team of dedicated “Humanitarian Angels” will travel to distribute and train local medical and humanitarian relief personnel on how to operate the Vortex Voyager. The team plans to leave Titusville, Florida on Monday, April 4, 2005. The team member list is as follows:

Joe Hurston-President
Cindy Hurston- RN
Cherie Hurston-Mission Specialist
Angelica Hurston- Mission Assistant
Chris Stamper- Vortex International
Ben Hurston- Water Purification Specialist
Barbara Walker- Water Purification Specialist

AMM is available for comment at anytime before departure. Please contact Joe Hurston at 321-544-7757 or Cherie Hurston at 321-698-8426.

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