Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Dark & Stormy Night In Meulaboh!

April 26, 2005 (12:50am) Meulaboh (MBO), Sumatra - Report Submitted by Joe Hurston

A good internet connection is a rare and wonderful thing in this devastated region. Thus this little update. There's a very violent thunder storm taking place at this time. I was just awakened by violent bursts of thunder that shook our whole house! Two things about that; first of all, when riding in the Russian M-8 "heli" with a couple of workers for CARE, they told me that when the 8.7 quake hit, and they were there, there was a violent thunderstorm. Hmm, I pray there's not another one. The other thing is; as we were making our approach into MBO, I saw again just how many thousands of people are living in tents on their land. Oh, it must be miserable for them. This is the rainy season. Very few things are as miserable as being in a tent in a violent thunderstorm. I know I keep saying it, but these precious people are going through so much. Please pray for the love of God to comfort them in this their most desperate hour. Everyday I get stories from folks who have just lost everything...everything. Yet, they manage to smile and even laugh a bit as they recount their amazing stories of survival. There are so many things that I want to share with you...

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Pastor, Larry Linkous for loving me and my family. He's the best Pastor I've ever had! New Life Church is a great church and filled with praying people who just flat out love the Lord. It's so good knowing they're behind us! Thanks Pastor and New Life!!!

It's hard for me to sleep with these driving rains and violent, shaking thunder knowing how many people are out in this storm just trying to hold onto life. As you read this, please take a moment and lift them up! Well, I'd really better get to sleep, it's been a long day! Should I be fortunate to get out of MBO today, there's a 30+ hour trip ahead to get home. Love you all!! And thanks again!!!