Saturday, April 02, 2005

Getting Close to Departure

April 2, 2005 Titusville, FL - Please visit our webpage at:

We checked the conditions on Nias this morning. There was another 5.6 earthquake. The conditions there sound chaotic. Each rumble causes panic and fear. There is talk about another major quake to come soon. The residents of the earthquake area don't know what each quake will bring. There is a dire need for drinking water. We knew that would be the case.

We've modified our plans to get onto Nias as quickly as possible. We've heard back from some the workers there and are being assured we'll get transportation to Nias because of our cargo - Vortex Voyagers. Our team is gathering in Orlando and we're packing the 24 Vortex Voyagers on Sunday. There is a tremendous sense of mission and purpose.

Our accomodations had been set in Banda Aceh. Now, we're going to head straight to Nias. I realized this morning that we needed a generator to handle potentially primitive conditions on Nias. I called a Pastor friend, Evelio Quintero in Orlando. He immediately found a neat 1000 watt Honda generator for about $300 less than I could get it. Within two hours I picked it up at his church. The ladies of the church were having a meeting. They took an offering and sent me on my way. Wow, the day started with a plan to go buy a generator. Within a couple of hours we had one donated, a $450 offering and Evelio and I had lunch! The Lord has a way of just blessing!!

THANK YOU for your prayers!

Joe Hurston

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