Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Re-Deployment Phone Calls - In Singapore Heading Home!!!

April 27, 2005 (1:12pm) Singapore, Singapore - Report Submitted by Joe Hurston

As I boarded the SilkAir flite from Medan to Singapore, I made one last check of my "hand-phone" (that's what they call a cell phone in Sumatra). No last minute, urgent requests for clean water. I took a moment and thanked the Lord for a SUCCESSFUL MISSION! The plane roared toward Singapore. In a few hours, I board a Singapore Airlines flite for L.A. then jump a flite to Orlando and home!

Last night I did feel a bit of shaking in my hotel and found out there was a 5.3 just off the coast. A vivid reminder to pray for these precious people.

There's a real Dunkin Donuts at the Medan Airport. I had scheduled an early meeting there with one of the ministries that we are working with. While waiting, I met several other ministries that remembered us when we were here in January. They ran up to me and said, "the clean water man". After exchanging cards and promising to stay in touch I entered the airport. There I met the Auditor for Samaritan's Purse (SP), Ron. Ron and I flew from Meulaboh to Nias to Medan yesterday in the SP Cessna Caravan. On the first leg of our flite, Ron was "Co-Pilot". After landing in Nias, he gave up his seat in the cockpit and offered it to me. What a gentleman!

As I look back over this journey, so many faces and names and images come to mind. It will definately take me a while to sort it all out. I'm so glad for this "blog". It has really been a blessing to me to "download" the stuff we've been going through. It's been such a blessing having you with me in spirit and Prayer!! If nothing else exciting happens, the next communication will likely be from my office in Titusville, Florida (still a long way from here - more than 11,000 miles away). I guess I'd better go and check in with Singapore Airlines and confirm my seat. By the way, Singapore Airlines gave us incredible fares because we are working in the Relief effort in Sumatra. THANK YOU, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, you have invested in the work of the Lord!!

If you get a chance, please drop me note ( I would love to hear from you! So long for now!!