Friday, April 08, 2005

The Air Mobile Team is in Indonesia!

April 8, 2005 - Medan, Sumatra - The Air Mobile Team is in Indonesia. We've just checked into our hotel (The Novotel Hotel). We have sent messages to a number of relief organizations who have requested our assistance with the Vortex Voyagers TM letting them know that we're here and ready to go!

We just received news that there were two earthquakes on Nias island this morning. No damage, but certainly rattling nerves. Our heart goes out to the people of Nias. We are eager to get over to help.

I just met moments ago with a flight crew of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). They are flying Chinook helicopters (CH-47's). We're hoping to get a lift over to Nias with them. The last time we were here in January, the SAF was INCREDIBLE! The provided vital flight support to our team. We're thankful that they are back. We'll let you know how things work out.

The Air Mobile Team composed of Cindy Hurston, Cherie Hurston, Anelica Hurston, Ben Hurston, Barbara Walker, Chris Stamper and me, Joe Hurston send our greetings and love. As always, we need your prayer! If you get a chance, drop us a note via: We'll try to respond. Once we get on Nias (or wherever the Lord puts us), communications will become sketchy at best.

Until next time.....

Joe Hurston
President - Air Mobile

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