Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hello From Singapore

April 7, 2005 - Singapore International Airport - After 24 hours of flying, we're almost there. We arrived into Singapore at 1:30am local time. We're awaiting the ticket counter to open and we'll pre-check our 24 Vortex Voyagers. All of our internal time clocks are turned upside down. It's a 12 hour time difference. We opted to spend a full day here in Singapore before launching into the relief effort. Tonight we'll have dinner with a Major from the Singapore Armed Forces. He was very helpful in the relief effort in Meulaboh, Indonesia when we were bringing relief to the tsunami victims. We would like to thank both Singapore Airlines for an excellent flight as well as special consideration on our airfares for the relief work we are doing. Also, the Singapore government and specifically the Singapore Armed Forces were FANTASTIC during the tsunami. They provided the helicopter transportation to "ground zero", Meulaboh, after the tsunami. We're so thankful for so many people who care for others!

Tomorrow, we head to Medan, Indonesia. It's only an hour flight, just a short hop after crossing
the Pacific Ocean. Thank you all for your prayer and love and support!!

Joe and the Air Mobile Team

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