Saturday, April 09, 2005

Heading To Church in Medan

April 10, 2005 (8:45am local) - Medan, Sumatra - Quick report by Joe

We're heading to church in just a few minutes, so this morning's report will be brief. Yesterday was very successful. We're flying into Banda Aceh on Monday morning. We'll spend two days there. Then back to Medan to replenish our supplies/ Vortex Voyagers TM and to Nias Island onboard a Singaporian Chinook (CH-47) helicopter. We'll spend a couple of days there and back to Medan to replenish supplies. Then to Meulaboh on a Samaritan Purse Cessna Caravan. We'll spend a couple of days there and hopefully work up the coast toward Banda reaching very isolated locations. Now, this is our plan and it is subject to change. We seek His guidance each step (baby steps included). Again, all of you have helped us to get here!! THANK YOU!

Just a quick added note, we're picking up Scot Law with World Compassion out of Tulsa this morning (just after church). Scot will be joining us in Banda Aceh. His ministry funded 15 Vortex Voyagers TM! God Bless World Compassion and their generous donors!! Our taxi has just arrived to bring us to church. I'll attempt to send another quick update this afternoon (local time). Our clocks are still turned upside down, but we're beginning to get used to the 12 hour time difference. The whole Air Mobile team sends their love!!


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