Sunday, April 10, 2005

The "Fluid" Nature of a Disaster

April 10, 2005 (6:42pm) - Medan, Sumatra - Report filed by Joe Hurston
The church in downtown Medan was packed. Service was in the Indonesian language. The Spirit in the church was sweet. My son, Ben and I headed out early to pick up Scot Law with World Compassion. After getting checked in and final documents completed we headed back to the airport to submit our flight request for the lift to Nias Island. We found out that the Singapore Armed Forces are pulling out tomorrow. We don't know who or how we will get to Nias on Thursday. We trust our Lord will make a way. Meanwhile, our flight into Banda Aceh is on for tomorrow. We will be there from Monday until Wednesday. We'll find out about the way into Nias upon our return. As I said, it's a fluid situation.

We may not be able to communicate while in Banda Aceh. If you don't get any updates, it's most likely due to lack of internet access.

The earthquakes on Nias have slowed down. There was only one 6.0 quake on Saturday and none reported thus far today (Sunday). There is great fear of another large quake and tsunami on Nias and the government officials are trying to urge the residents to remain calm. Please pray for peace and protection for Nias.

Thanks again for your prayer!! Until next time.....


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