Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Hot Spot"

Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia - April 14, 2005 (7:04pm) - Report Submitted by: Joe Hurston

No flight to Nias today for us due to scheduling complications beyond our control. Try again tomorrow.

In the last few days, 3 Volcanos have come to life in this region with one major eruption causing 25,000 people to be evacuated. After Nias, we hope to help in this new disaster. Earthquakes are occuring on a regular basis. Everyone needs water.

The Air Mobile team is fine. Cindy and I send our love to Juliet, Peter, Andrew and Rosie. We miss you!

THANK YOU for your love and prayer!! A special thanks to Christian and Ann Marie for taking care of Juliet and Peter. Love you!!

Joe & Cindy and the Air Mobile Team

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