Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pumping Clean Water in Banda Aceh!

April 13, 2005 (8:10am)- Banda Aceh - Report Submitted by Joe Hurston - President - Air Mobile Ministries

Yesterday was incredible. We went back to Maraxha and found a couple of wells that were too salty to pump from. We then found a well that was within limits and we spent several hours just pumping water and visiting with the people. After lunch we headed back out to a refugee area (Lambada) that had been visited just after the tsunami by Scot Law of World Compassion. It was great watching Scot meet again with these precious people that have lost so much. They were just blessed that he returned! What a joy. It took testing 5 wells before we found one that had an acceptable level of salt (all of the wells are salty, just some more than others). The people were just so happy that we could take their water and make it safe to drink. The scene after several hours of pumping clean water was beyond words for me. The sun was setting through the palm trees, houses all around us had been severely damaged. The people mulled around the well and the three Vortex Voyagers TM just pumping clean water. There was laughter and joy. For this time, these precious people were distracted from the most devasting disaster in modern history. Our team just shined the love of the Lord. This is why we came here.

Today, we're leaving Banda Aceh and leaving Scot and his Indonesian associate Hanny behind (Hanny is a great blessing and will be joining us on Nias). They'll be going back into refugee areas and placing the units that World Compassion has funded. He had donated 4 units to Jeff Hammond and Bless Indonesia Today (BIT). BIT will be deploying the units with his mobile medical teams. Good seed in good soil!

We'll fly back to Medan this morning and hopefully secure our helicopter flight into Nias. Yesterday, while approaching Nias, a cargo ship crashed on the rocks and broke up. The harbors have changed since the tsunami and earthquake and navigation is trecherous. That is the reason we're holding out for the chopper ride. The problem is- so is everyone else! We've already met with the authorities that determine who goes. They are very eager for us to get into Nias and bring water. Yesterday, it was reported that 42 earthquake survivors died in refugee clinics on south Nias due to lack to medical care/supplies. The area has been devastated, roads are unpassable and mud slides have occured. We envision using motorcycles to pass "unpassable" roads and bring Vortex Voyagers TM into the most difficult and desperate areas. This will be our greatest test.

Meanwhile.....earthquakes are popping everyday. On Monday Nias and the surrounding area had 5, the strongest being a 6.7. We felt one here in Banda Aceh yesterday. Please remember to pray for us as we go into these areas. We simply want to be "in the right place at the right time"!

Again, thank you for your love and prayer and support!!

Joe and the Air Mobile Team

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