Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Samaritan's Purse To The Rescue!

April 26, 2005 (6:04pm) - Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia - Report Submitted By Joe Hurston

Right after my midnight report, we did experience two quakes in our region. The storm continued for most of the night. Sleep was fitful and the shaking didn't help. I can only imagine what the thousands and thousands of survivors in this region sleeping in their tents must have been going through. Our Lord knows exactly where each one is and His eye is on them. We ask Him to pour out Grace, Protection and Comfort on them in this testing hour!

I awoke at sunrise and while sitting at my computer in the World Food Program (WFP)HQ and listening to the flight coordinators I knew that things were not going well. As the number of passengers quickly exceeded the available aircraft I knew that my chances of flying out on one of their aircraft today was very slim. I phoned Samaritan's Purse (SP) and the Program Manager, Doug, said that there was a mysterious name on the manifest and no one knew who it was. We laughed and said that the Lord had a seat for me! The plane was ready to leave and I had to dash to the airport, a 45 minute drive. In less than 5 minutes I was driving to the airport in a WFP vehicle. The aircraft, a beautiful Cessan Caravan was sitting on the ramp and the flight crew was waiting for me. A quick load and a smooth, short take-off from the damaged runway and off to Nias Island. We picked up 6 passengers and then on to Medan. The pilot, Steve, did a superb job and allowed me to sit in the cockpit of the Caravan. THANK YOU SP! Air Mobile needs a Caravan. Our work is so clearly before us and the Caravan is a great tool to accomplish so many missions.

Once in Medan, WFP quickly picked me up and apologized for the flight mix up. We were able to pump a lot of clean water through them and look forward to the opportunity to reach out to so many suffering people in cooperation with them.

Well, I'm definitely Homeward Bound. Just re-booked my flight to Singapore then Los Angeles. Sent an e-mail to Cherie asking her to take care of the L.A. to Orlando leg. Whew!! What a journey. Will meet with a couple of more ministries this evening and tomorrow morning, then leaving Sumatra for the time being.

I'll likely write you from Singapore as I'll have a couple of hours there before making the long flight over the water to L.A.

Again, I can't tell you what it means to have you standing with us as we reach out to these suffering people! This is what Jesus would have us to do and you're a serious part of it. God Bless You and THANKS AGAIN!